Truth In Blogging

TherapyDoc has a post in which there is a discussion about truth in blogging. Or should I say that she notes that her son said something about bloggers not making stuff up. Now I don’t know her or her son and so I cannot speak to whether their comments were tongue in cheek.

However I can say that not every story on my blog is what you’d refer to as non-fiction. Yep, some of these tales are just that tales that have been conceived, constructed and crapped out by your’s truly.

What really cracks me up is how many people believe them. Now certainly there are many stories here that are real. They’re storie about things that have happened and I have blogged about them to the best of my ability. Some of the personal tales probably would be told differently by others who were there, but that is because we all have our own interpretations of our experiences.

But every now and then I like to slip a tale or two in that should probably be labeled as fiction. I really don’t spend any time trying to fool you, well most of the time I don’t.

Anyhoo, that is all I have to say about that for now. At the moment I am late for my shift at LAPD headquarters. Back later.

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