Goodbye Polaroid

I don’t know about you, but I still think that Polaroid cameras are kind of cool. It is kind of sad to see them go by the wayside. My grandparents and my parents had them. Up until recently my kids school still used them.

I had a field day watching the picture develop. It always seemed so magical to me.

CNN has the story:

…Because the Polaroid Corp. announced it would stop making instant film. And without it her project, “Day by Day Polaroid,” would never be complete.

Sixty years after Polaroid introduced its first instant camera, the company’s iconic film is disappearing from stores.

Although Polaroid says the film should be available into 2009, this is the final month of its last production year.

Eclipsed by digital photography, Polaroid’s white-bordered prints — and the anticipation they created as their ghostly images gradually came into view — will soon be things of the past.

From David Hockney’s famous Polaroid art compositions, to the line, “Shake it like a Polaroid picture” from OutKast’s hit “Hey Ya!”, Polaroid instant film has embedded itself in popular culture.

The public’s reaction to Polaroid’s announcement reflects that. Blogs lament the loss. Polaroid-fan groups have formed on Facebook. On, a four-pack of 10 exposures is selling for $64 — nearly $1.60 per photo.

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