Gaza Round Up Part Three

***Second Update 9:30 A.M. P.S.T.***
This is part three in a continuing series of round ups about the current situation in Gaza. It is a collection of posts and articles from around the world and blogosphere. If you have posts that you think should be included email them to talktojack-now-at-sbcglobal-dot-net or let me know in the comments.

Gaza Round Up Part One

Gaza Round Up Part Two

And now onto part three:

The IDF has some very interesting videos on YouTube. Check out IDFADESK.

Jameel and Aussie Dave are still live blogging the war. They both provide news and information that you might not see anywhere else.

The Sandmonkey is at it again with news about the Egyptian Embassy in Yemen and an Egyptian Officer that was shot by Hamas.

The WSJ has Israel’s Gaza Defense. ADD Rabbi provides a valuable service with BBC Translators.

The Rebbitzin’s Husband has the story Behind the United Nations’ War on Israel.
At LGF you can read Washington Post: ‘Amateur’ Rockets ‘Nagging’ Israel.

Daled Amos says: Four Days After Hamas In Gaza: Now What? Here is a link on Twitter that discusses Qassams in Sderot.

Carl has a video that shows how people live in Sderot.

Soccer Dad blogged about The Media Assault on Israel and on a post that is also crossposted on Yourish he asks the question Did a Hamas lie find its way into a Washington Post headline?

Baka Diary asks Where’s The Outrage in a post that puts names and faces to those killed in rocket attacks.

Yid With Lid has The GAZA Story That The Media DOESN’T Cover and a story about a Hamas terrorist who was killed.

Jules Crittenden asks So, What Next? Hyscience is Reassessing Sharon’s 2005 Gaza Pullout and they also shared Palestinian girl: ‘Hamas is the cause in the first place of all wars’.

The Right Truth blogged Another day and Israel is standing her ground. Incidentally I meant to blog about Caroline Glick’s column in which she mentions that Hamas has legalized crucifixion. Talk about medieval justice.

Glenn Greenwald is not taking advantage of a free vacation to Sderot. Meryl has had her hands full with some of the usual knuckleheads. It is worth taking a look at Hatemail of the day.

American Power blogged about how the World Rallies to Palestinian Cause

Commentary offers Sderot Under Siege. Israel Politik says Missiles Land in Ashkelon and
Citizens’ “Press” Conference on Twitter.

It is worth reading The Gaza War in The Atlantic. From Mother in Israel we have War in Gaza: Report from the Home Front.

Tzipiyah offers In Israel, Hospitality Replaces The Need For Refugee Camps. My Right Word reports that the Israeli Navy stopped a boat from reaching Gaza and links to a clip about The Dignity.

If you want to get a sense of what it is like to fall out of frying pan and into the fire click here. You can also read about the war situation in Netzer Hazani in Ein Tzurim here.

Lest we take ourselves too seriously Benji is Liveblogging reading blogs.

Want to help? Check out Raizy’s post here and Treppenwitz here.

Solomonia is getting the news out Boston: Support Israel Rally TOMORROW (Tuesday) at 5PM
Gateway Pundit is spreading the word, Support Israel Rally Tuesday Night In New York City. Back of the Hill is doing the same about a Counter Protest in Support of Israel in the Bay Area.

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