Gaza Update 4

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This marks the fourth round up. Here are links to the previous editions:

Gaza Round Up Part One
Gaza Round Up Part Two
Gaza Round Up Part Three
Gaza Round Up 3.5

(I know, Ben-Yehuda this is technically number 5.)

CNN reports that Israel has rejected a truce. Of course reports like this make it seem as if Israel is the bad guy and do a poor job of reflecting the real reasons for the hostility. It is shameful the manner in which some people try to minimize the threat of the rockets as if people shouldn’t care.

The BBC reports Israelis ponder ceasefire calls. Also from The UK We must adjust our distorted image of Hamas.

Don Surber reflects upon that last story here.

As is tradition allow me to remind you that liveblogging continues at IsraellyCool and The Muqata.

Jewish Current Issues says that A Proportionate Response Would Be to Eliminate Hamas.
Michael Totten writes What Would a Proportionate Response Look Like?.

Bookworm has a post called Hamas’ “Heroes” — and the need for total victory over evil.

Commentary discusses Sderot with Sderot Under Siege.

The Elder reports that Women and children deaths pretty low and includes If the IDF made Hamas-style videos….


From Boker Tov Boulder Anti-Israel Pandemonium in Gaza City Fort Lauderdale FL USA


CNN “explains” the “evolution” of Hamas without ever using the word MURDER — Plus, What “Truce”?

Lady Light shares her thoughts here.

A new update will be published shortly.

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