Gaza Update 5.5

This marks installment number 5.5 about the conflict in Gaza.

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CNN reports the successful removal of one of the leaders of Hamas. Kol Hakavod to the IDF. Be sure to read EOZ’s post Hamas spiritual leader forced his kids to die with him.

From The New York Times Israel Pursues Diplomacy but Presses Attacks and Striking Deep Into Israel, Hamas Employs an Upgraded Rocket Arsenal.

The Washington Post published Israel’s Attacks On Gaza Deepen Palestinian Rift.

From MSNBC Israelis get creative in coping with rocket threat.

Jeff Jacoby opines that concessions such as land for peace are meaningless in his column Has Israel Learned its Lesson?

Al Jazeera offers a video about the tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. Is anyone really naive enough to believe that they aren’t pulling weapons through also.

Even if they are this NY Times story offers the following comment, “Muhammad al-Zarb said that the Israelis somehow seemed to know which tunnels were commercial and which were run by Hamas, and that they seemed to be selective in their bombing. “If someone has a tunnel for Chipsy, it seems O.K.,” he said. “When a Hamas guy has a tunnel for weapons, they bomb it.”

The war isn’t just being fought in Gaza but also online. P.C. World reports that there have been many cyber attacks. More comments and criticism can be found at Computerworld.

Victor Davis Hanson has The Gaza Rules. In case you missed it here is a link to Roundtable on the Gaza Violence.

Jameel and Aussie Dave are still liveblogging the conflict.

Seraphic Secret just released Why We Fight II. At The Better Part of Valour Israel, Palestine and Gaza.

Planck’s Constant discussed Israel and Disproportionate Response.

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred cover this in The Doctrine of ‘Proportionate Response’
“There is no such thing as a ‘disproportionate response’ to calls for genocide.”

Don’t forget to read The Incredible Arrogance Of The Beast.

Jihad Watch offers Israeli strike kills Hamas top dog; AP says this “escalates campaign.”

Linda points to a poll from Al Jazeera. Want to guess what it is about.

Treppenwitz wants to know why Foreign Press are allowed into Gaza.

From WestbankMama “Mistadrim” – The Israeli Method of Making Do.

Yourish has a bunch of posts. Try these: Signs of the times: Praying from bomb shelters and War crimes: Hiding weapons in mosques.

Yid with Lid says Israel’s Window is Closing IT MUST ACT NOW !!!

In regard to whether there is a humanitarian crisis or not take a look at Gaza aid update: The despicable UNRWA.

Don’t forget to read Looks Like Gaza Has Both Guns AND Butter.

My Right Word has discovered more shoe bombers. The war is taking its toll upon the health of many people.

At Ezzie’s blog Make Noise! – A Heroine’s Cry.

There is a blog for Negev refugees. If you want to know more please click here.

The Grouchy Old Bear let a guest poster put up What Did You Do AFTER The War Daddy?

Ok folks, this completes update 5.5. Stay tuned for update 6.

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