War in Gaza Update #11.5

Welcome to the latest round up of news and information about the War in Gaza. You’ll find that this is a useful tool for learning what is going on from a variety of sources and perspectives.

Within the last week thousands upon thousands of visitors have spent time reviewing the round up.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5, *10, *10.5, *11.

Let’s take a look at the MSM and see what they have for us today:

CNN Exchanges of fire mar 3-hour truce in Gaza
NY Times The Mideast’s Ground Zero
NY Times Israel Resumes Gaza Attack After a Pause to Allow Aid Delivery
WSJ Israel Presses Diplomatic Efforts as Strikes Resume
WSJ BENJAMIN NETANYAHU Militant Islam Threatens Us All
BBC Israel accepts truce ‘principles’
Haaretz Report: Islamist site compiling list of U.K. Jews to target over Gaza op.
Haaretz Defense sources: Even if Hamas agrees to truce, its armed wing may resist.
Haaretz Joe the Plumber named war correspondent in Israel for conservative Web site.
JPost Analysis: It’s all in how you want to define ‘victory’
JPost IDF steps up anti-tunnel ops, warns civilians to vacate area
JPost PM: We’ll halt op only when terror and smuggling stop
Ynet ‘Hamas has nothing left but rockets’
The Atlantic Robert Kaplan and Iran’s Post Modern Beast in Gaza.

And now on to the blogosphere.

Israellycool and The Muqata are still liveblogging the war. Two comments about the men behind these blogs. Aussie Dave is a very fine fellow, but he has this misconception that Aussie Football is somehow superior to American.

Jameel is another fine fellow. Little known fact outside of the Jewish/Israeli blogosphere, he makes the most incredible waffles. In fact he has plans to start his own line of Israeli Waffle Houses. More on this later.

The IDF blog continues to provide critical information and video footage. Here is a link to a blog post about IEDs.

The video below shows a surgical strike in which various terror targets are struck.

I also suggest that you read the following post Humanitarian Coordination Center and Daily Summary, 7 Jan 2009 20:25 IST.

An excellent post about the lies and misinformation about the UN school can be found at A Soldier’s Mother in her post The Images they Show…

Yourish points out Israel ceases fire, Hamas bombs cities and AP confirms Hamas terrorists fired from UN school.

Mere Rhetoric British Muslims Doing Their Best To Cleanse Britain Of Jews and I Get (Often Inarticulate) Mail.

Read Seraphic Secret’s The Horrors That Do Not Count. A post that points out the hypocrisy and moral ambiguity of those who hold Israel to the fire but fail to speak out against real humanitarian crises around the world.

The Volokh Conspiracy offers Gaza and International Law.

Crittenden in Weep No More discusses the crazy rantings of a cleric and in a post called Martydom Opportunities Mulled he spells out flawed arguments in a Thomas Friedman column and more.

Snapped Shot shared FINALLY! It is a post about how the media is finally covering the hate filled Pro-Hamas rallies.

Baila says It’s my first war and I’ll cry if I want to. At Writes Like She Talks Jill asks Is blaming “the 60 years of occupation” a euphimism for “one-state solution”?

Michael Totten asks to Stop Juan Cole and I don’t blame him. Speaking of Cole, go read Cole spills wine at Cana.

Roger Simon writes in his post about the drawbacks of relying solely upon traditional media and why the blogosphere is important in The MSM, Gaza and Pajamas TV.

Let’s put the White Phosphorus discussion to bed. Here is a debate about photos and their authenticity.

Take a look at The World Supports Hamas? Of Course, They Do!

More on this from the Syria News Wire The one state solution. It is skewed and I’d ask that people consider that when reading it. But as I said it is important to see what the other side says, even when they are spinning a tale.

Shiloh Musings shared Traveling the Red Zone (Nitzan). Freedom’s Cost Down, but Not Out!, Kuwaiti Editor Identifies the Real Murderers in Gaza and Enough’s Enough!

Zionist Conspiracy says to say no to a ceasefire. Boker Tov Boulder asks With “friends” like Condoleezza Rice, who needs Hamas?


From Yid with Lid we have Video Of Hamas Using Gaza UN School To Fire Mortars and HUMAN SHIELDS WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE ?

At DovBear we have “Land for Peace”. Ruti shared Daddy, what did Mommy do while you were fighting the war?” and “What can I do? I can’t just sit here…”

This concludes our round up. More to come later.

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