A List of Things That Crossed My Mind

Had a small case of insomnia recently and decided that I’d share this with you. It doesn’t happen too often. Even when I am stressed out I can usually sleep, but when it does I have a few tricks. Most of the time I try to start thinking about things that are harmless or completely innocuous.

Things like trying to figure out what my earliest memory is. Or sometimes I try to visualize my childhood bedroom, see if I can recreate it in my mind. Last night I went through a number of these bits. Here is an incomplete list:

  1. I thought about my elementary school and tried to picture my first grade classroom.
  2. Spent a few minutes thinking about all of the cars I have owned. Some of those have some really good memories attached to them.
  3. When I was 16 I had a pair of Ray-Bans that disappeared. Reviewed the mental evidence in my head to see if I could crack the crase.
  4. The sunglasses made me think of a few girlfriends. So then I tried to figure out if I could come up with chronological list of them.
  5. Got bored and decided that the ex list wasn’t exciting. Switched to thinking about places.
  6. Visualized a few of my favorite places and tried to remember what the streets looked like

Ok, this post is going no where, so I’ll end it here.

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