A Summary of The War In Gaza

After about two weeks of the War in Gaza I feel qualified to give a short summary of what is going on in the following outline.

  • Israel initiates Operation Cast Lead to end the rocket attacks from Gaza.
  • There is an outcry about disproportionate force. World angry that more Israelis are not dead. Why should Israel be angry about dead Israelis.
  • Hamas leaders show up on Al Jazeera and in other media outlets where they praise the “resistance” and promise death to Israel.
  • Israel demonstrates it learned from Lebanon war in ’06 and makes real progress.
  • Useful idiots around world again cry about disproportionate force. Angry that only a few Israelis have died.
  • Hamas leader show up on television. Praise resistance again and use fiery rhetoric claiming great successes and maintain that the end is near.
  • Israel continues to beat the terrorists. Demonstrable progress is made.
  • More useful idiots cry about disproportionate force. Join together in a march to say that they are all useful idiots.
  • Hamas leader back on television. Swears by Allah that victory is close and that even if it is not, the peace process is done. But it doesn’t matter because Allah will bring victory. BTW, did I tell you that God is on our side.
  • More success on the battlefield for Israel.
  • Antiwar protests filled with antisemitic slogans. Blogosphere filled too. Useful idiots say that there is a small problem with antisemitism, but it doesn’t matter because Israel should be shunned.
  • In between all of this various newspaper articles and opinion pieces supporting Israel appear. Useful idiots moan and cry that this is indicative of bias. Antisemities claim that this is proof that Jooz run the media.

Rinse, Repeat and continue. You get the picture.

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