Gaza- The Dust is Still Settling

So now the dust is beginning to settle and we can start to assess the results of the war in Gaza. This post offers a collection of perspectives and thoughts about that.

The video above was made by the Libi fund which helps support IDF soldiers.

From the traditional media we have:

NY Times: Obama Sends Special Envoy to Mideast and Europe

CNN: Week-old Gaza cease-fire is breached

WAPO: Obama Voices Hope for Mideast Peace in Talk With Al-Arabiya TV

Fox: The Smuggling Tunnels are Open for Business!

AFP: Shalit should not be part of Gaza truce deal: Hamas

The Spectator: A British soldier’s view of Operation Cast Lead

The Spectator: The ugly face of bigoted Britain

Financial Times: Saudi warning (is it rude to say Bite Me Limey)

The Australian: Israeli troops were told to kill themselves to avoid capture

YNET: Carter: Hamas can be trusted

YNET: Time to take responsibility

JPost: EU official: Hamas responsible for Gaza

JPost: Israel hits back at war crimes charges

JPost: Caroline Glick Our World: Defending freedom’s defenders

Haaretz: ANALYSIS / Recognizing that Israel’s effort to topple Hamas has failed

Haaretz: Summit on Holocaust: Gaza war legitimized equating Jews with Nazis

Haaretz: Egypt to Hamas: Take Gaza truce before Netanyahu is voted PM

Commentary: A Gaza Post-Mortem

Commentary: Michael Totten writes The Mood in Israel Now

From the blogosphere:

Seraphic Secret shared And the Ladies of Gaza. The FP has How badly did Gaza poison the well?

At Solomonia you should read A Pragmatic Voice and Video: War Protests or Pro-Hamas Hate Rallies?.

Weasel Zippers Red Crescent Says Hamas, not Israel Prevented Their Ambulances From Picking up Wounded Gazans….

Gateway Pundit shared Pro-Hamas Thugs Attack Pro-Israel Protest in Sweden with Eggs, Rocks, Bottles & Tear Gas Grenades.

At the Augean Stables take a look at HRW and Israel: Ken Roth vs. Gerald Steinberg and Jenin Redux: Casualty Figures Reconsidered.

Daled Amos blogged Europe May Finally Catching On To Hamas and Sharansky: Neither Hamas Nor PA Can Be In Charge Of Rebuilding Gaza.

EOZ offers World press ignores Hamas’ media intimidation. I covered Saudi Arabian Hypocrisy.

At Yourish Jimmy Carter: Stooping to new [moronic] lows. Yaacov Lozowick shared So What was Achieved?

Soccer Dad discussed Israel’s legitimacy is debatable; hamas’s is not. At Adloyada read UK govt minister claims Israel cowed BBC into turning down Gaza appeal.

Mere Rhetoric blogged Palestinians Blow The Lid Off Cover Up Of Glorious Hamas Victory and UN Chief: Yeah, I Guess It Sucks That We’ve Been Helping Hamas Shell Israeli Civilians For Eight Years.

Check out Joshuapundit’s ’60 Minutes’ Libels Jews And Israel.

That is all for now folks. Stay tuned for a resumption of light hearted posts about college life, raising kids and assorted odds and ends.

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