The Inner Workings of Hamas

It is a relatively short time since the hostilities ended and a mutually agreed ceasefire led to relative quiet, relative being the operative term. Since then we have borne witness to the typical mumblings from useful idiots about war crimes and disproportionate response. They are just buzzwords that are used by people who do not understand what they mean and or do not care about whether they are truly applicable.

Today we heard about more violations of the ceasefire by the kindhearted Gazans who are only trying to survive. But what we rarely read or hear about are the tales of how Hamas really operates.

A JPost story helps to shine a light on this area by sharing stories from captured terrorists. In it we learn about how Hamas used schools to fire rockets at Israel, stole humanitarian aid and how Hamas treats those who refuse to assist them. Let’s take a moment to look at an excerpt or two.

Nuaf Atar, 25, lives in Atatra, in the northwest Gaza Strip, and was captured by paratroopers on January 11. In his interrogation by the Shin Bet, Atar said Hamas government officials “took over” humanitarian aid Israel allowed in to the Strip and sold it, when it is supposed to be distributed for free.

Hamas set up rocket launchers and fired rockets into Israel from within school compounds since the operatives knew that the Israel Air Force would not bomb the schools, he said.
Palestinians who opposed Hamas’s use of their land and homes as launch pads were shot in the legs, Atar added.


Another fascinating account was provided by Raji Abed Rabo, a 22-year-old member of Islamic Jihad and resident of the Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza. Abed Rabo told interrogators he was recruited into the organization at the age of 17 and began by distributing anti-Israel propaganda.

In 2006, he joined the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and underwent military training. In 2007 he returned to Islamic Jihad and was recruited to the Jabalya cell. His job was to conduct reconnaissance and gather intelligence on IDF movements along the Gaza border.
He stored weaponry in his house, including roadside bombs, and was knew of a number of tunnels that were to be used to kidnap and surprise IDF soldiers. He also told the Shin Bet about a large bunker that was built under Shifa Hospital in Gaza City and was used as a hideout for a number of senior Hamas operatives during the recent Israeli offensive.

Hamad Zalah, 29, is also a resident of Jabalya and was captured by the IDF on January 12. During his interrogation, he revealed that together with his brother, he was tortured by Hamas at a headquarters in Jabalya for his affiliation with Fatah and his intention to light a memorial candle for Yasser Arafat.

You don’t hear about these stories. You don’t see the videos of Hamas using children as human shields.

The so called Anti-Zionist crowd doesn’t like to share those stories, fine humanitarians that they are. Not like they chased the fine British police down the street or promoted violence at their rallies. Remember the peace loving demonstrators are just humanitarians who fight for peace around the world.

Ok, the sarcasm is growing old but the reality is that there is an appalling disconnect about the cause and effect of the situation in Gaza. Those who cry for Gaza but fail to exhibit the same concern about Israel are sorry hypocrites. You can’t sue for peace while supporting the terrorist actions of those who sanction murder.

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