Addicted to The BlackBerry-Wireless but Still Tethered

I inherited my father’s love of gadgets. I take a lot of pleasure in learning about all sorts of devices that beep, whistle, whirr and honk. It is even more fun to play with them. So it was no surprise to anyone who knows me to see my interest in cellphones and portable technology grow into a need to pick up a few items here and there.

In truth it has been quite restrained. I have one of the first generation iPods and my laptop is one that I inherited from my dad. My house is not filled with the latest technology. The television in my living room is about ten years old. A simple 27″ Panasonic that works well enough.

That is not to say that I don’t want a big flat screen or that I am not interested in a newer iPod and all of the functionality that comes with it. I am, but I have been pretty good about not going hog wild and buying all that I want or see.

Anyway, all of that is really just a preface for the meat of the post which is about my love/hate relationship with my BlackBerry. I got it because it enables to me to have a mobile office and that really is something that I need for business purposes. Now I don’t have to be tethered to the computer all day. Now I can run around and do what I need to do and still get everything done.

At least that is what I told myself. It felt like a get out of Jail free card. But the reality is that even though is that though I am wireless, I am still tethered. Sometimes when I expect a call or email I find myself getting irritated that the familiar vibration that precedes the bell/ring isn’t going. Sometimes I pull it out of my pocket and stare at it. A steely eyed glare that you know intimidates the little man inside of it. He sees me glare and he knows that he better get back on that wheel and work on bringing me my messages.

Anyhoo, I am playing around with declaring a technology free vacation. I am seriously considering going cold turkey for an undefined period of time because I don’t really need to be connected constantly.

I have been working my way up to it. Many times when I am in the car I simply turn it off or place it where I can’t reach it. Around the house I am making an effort to just stick it inside a drawer. The hardest part is that I really do use it constantly for business and I don’t have standard hours. There are times when you can find me working at 3 A.M. It doesn’t happen all that often, but it does happen.

But I think that I need a new approach. It feels a bit too much like technology is controlling me instead of the reverse and that is unacceptable. I’d write more but the damn ‘Berry keeps ringing so I have got to run for now.

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