Political Posts Generate More Traffic

Political posts typically generate more traffic than the personal ones. I find that to be kind of odd. Sure, the Shmata Queen has always told me that I am the smartest and best looking man she has ever known.

It is a tactic that she has used upon occasion to try and prevent me from making fun of the midwest, especially the land of the burning river where she once lived. I must admit that it does get old trashing the people who went to heights just as it gets old to trash those who attended New Trier or Niles West.

But really, I find it curious and strangely satisfying to know that some people choose to enter this humble domicile to hear what I have to say about political matters. I like to think that people come here because I provide superior content and and insight that you can’t find anywhere else. Upon occasion that may happen, but really is what I write that different from the five million other bloggers out there.

I’ll grant that it happens sometimes, but not as frequent as I might like.

I am clearly biased, but I think that the best posts here are those that are of a more personal nature. But the stat counters clearly differ, at least from a traffic perspective.

Maybe I need to consider changing the focus of this place. We could change the name to Paul’s Pleasure Palace Where Politics are Plesantly Porked. That was totally ridiculous, but I kind of like the way that it sounded.

Anyhoo, I like the current format of being able to cover whatever, whenever, however.

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