He Escaped Twice

What kind of crazy prison are these guys running. Even Andy from the Shawshank Redemption wants to know.

Two men hijack a helicopter and then force the pilot to fly over the roof of a maximum security prison in Greece. They unfurl rope ladders and bam, they are on their way:

Prison guards shot at the helicopter during the escape, witnesses told local media.
No injuries were reported.

The pilot was found gagged near the helicopter north of Athens, a state-run media report said.
The inmates and the unidentified accomplices had not been located, Greek authorities said.

“I will not tolerate this embarrassment and all necessary measures will be taken, no matter how stringent they may be,” Justice Minister Nikos Dendias told CNN.

The prison break by helicopter is the second for Paleokostas, who was convicted for abducting a businessman and escaped the prison the first time in June 2006. He was recaptured several months later.

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