Top Vacations for the Newly Unemployed

Travel and Leisure has a slideshow here that you can use to find their list of the Top Vacations for the Newly Unemployed.

I am partial to the sailing and chef jobs.

CNN has a similar story in which they discuss whether post layoff is the right time to take a vacation.

“For those who buy a plane ticket before they get the ax, JetBlue is offering to refund fares. The JetBlue Promise promotion is good for customers laid off on or after February 17 and applies to ticket purchases made between February 1 and June 1.

The program is designed to appeal to people who haven’t been downsized but worry they might be, said Alison Croyle, a spokeswoman for the airline.

“It’s something that we felt would provide an advantage to customers who otherwise might be too stressed to book future travel plans,” she said.

Then there’s the already-laid-off demographic.

On some packages, Intrepid Travel is giving a 15 percent discount to people who’ve recently been let go.

The deal, with the tongue-in-cheek title, “Laid off? How about taking off?” has gotten a few dozen takers in the two months it’s been offered, said Leslie Cohen, spokeswoman for the travel company.

Cohen said the discount is designed to give people a chance to clear their heads during a tough transition. Some of the deals start at less than $1,000, she said.

The company is “not suggesting you use your life savings,” she said. “It’s really just a chance to catch your breath and see something else and come back in a little bit of a different frame of mind.”

For those looking to hit the skies on the job hunt rather than escape it, SkyRoll, maker of a $149.99 garment bag, says it’s giving a discount.

“If you recently lost your job and need to travel for an interview, we will take 50 percent off the price of a SkyRoll to help you arrive looking your best,” the company says on its Web site. To get the discount, SkyRoll requires customers to e-mail the company a layoff notice.

Travel discounts like the one from Intrepid may be great for unemployed people who have hefty savings accounts or large severance packages, but the program also could prey on the unemployed, said Madeline Hughes, who runs a consulting and outplacement group in Denver, Colorado.

The cost of a big trip “could be lunch money for somebody for the next six months,” she said. “

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