People Plan and G-d Laughs

In a different time and place a boy named Jack planned on becoming a professional baseball player. He was a fine athlete and for a brief time he was among the best of the 12 year old baseball players in the Little League.

Jack led the league in homeruns, although truth be known he actually was tied with two other boys, but this is his story so we’ll leave those guys out. Jack usually played in left or center field.

He was fast enough to run down fly balls and had a great arm for a kid his age. It made Jack very happy to see that his father’s promise that extra practice would pay off was accurate. And so it seemed to him that there was no reason why he couldn’t one day grace Dodger Stadium.

But people plan and G-d laughs and life took Jack in a different direction. And so it came to pass that by the time he hit high school he didn’t even try out for the team, instead he played other sports. He was good at most of them and perhaps he could have been great, but we’ll never know for certain.

When high school ended Jack intended to spend his freshman year of college in Israel. It was a dream that he had been desiring to fulfill for years. He found and applied to a program and was accepted into it people plan and G-d laughs. Things happened and at the last minute he was forced to withdraw. And so it came to pass that another dream crumbled into dust.

A few years later Jack made plans to go to Israel for his junior year abroad. He was very excited about the prospect and spent much time thinking about what it would be like. He worked diligently to try and make it happen but people plan and G-d laughs.

Jack fell in love with a girl and decided that he didn’t want to give up the opportunity to see where romance would lead him and opted not to go to Israel. And in doing so he made a big mistake that he swore he would learn from.

Instead of having an incredible experience ten thousand miles from home he was introduced to the pain of a broken heart. The relationship ended and he spent a lot of time trying to figure out how it was that people could be so happy when he felt so miserable.

The now 20 year old Jack had a baby blue Camaro that he loved. It was his chariot and his sanctuary. In it he forgot about the things that troubled him and he spent many happy hours driving around the state in it.

Unfortunately others decided that they wanted to possess his Camaro and so they did their best to try and “obtain” it for themselves. They never did manage to take the car but they did run off with two car stereos. And so it came to pass that Jack tried to foil their plans by purchasing a
Pull Out Car Stereo.

Some of you may remember those days. It was a time when you literally pulled car stereo out and carried it with you. And so it came to pass that one day someone decided that they wanted to take Jack’s pull out car stereo. It is certain that they were convinced that they would be able to wrest it from his grasp, but people plan and G-d laughs.

Just when they thought that they would be able to secure it for themselves Jack introduced it to the side of their head and so it came to pass that they decided that their interaction with Jack was complete and they made a point to leave.

Many other stories could be told along these lines. You could read about Jack’s intent to become an attorney, his plan to move to Israel at 24 and a dozen other things that Jack planned on doing but didn’t.

Jack learned that there was a lot of truth to saying people plan and G-d laughs. That is not to say that all of his plans were foiled. Many were not. Jack has a big checklist of things that went his way, but there were moments when he found himself looking skyward and asking why.

And so it has come to past that Jack tries to remind himself that part of the joy of living is the journey. But he also wonders if it would be so hard to occasionally grant him some of the things that he asks for. Would there really be that much harm.

Stay tuned and perhaps you’ll find out.

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