Hilary Whatever Are You Doing

CNN is running an article in which Sec. of State Hilary Clinton makes all sorts of wacky remarks. Just for fun let’s grab a few selections:

JERUSALEM (CNN) — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday ruled out working with any Palestinian unity government that includes Hamas if Hamas does not agree to recognize Israel.

In the absence of Hamas agreeing to the principles that have been adopted by such a broad range of international actors, I don’t see that we or they — or anyone — could deal with Hamas,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN.”

Hmm…do we have any reason to believe that Hamas is suddenly going to alter their position. Color me a skeptic but I find that difficult to believe. Israel did a fine job of beating the snot out of them during Operation Cast Lead but that hasn’t stopped them from posturing and continuing their attacks.

“The interview was conducted a short time after Clinton met with Israeli Prime-Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu, who does not support an independent Palestinian state, the bedrock of U.S. policy.

Asked whether the United States could effectively work with Netanyahu anyway, Clinton said, “The two-state solution is the inevitable, inescapable outcome of any effort. It is hard to imagine what other positive outcome could be arrived at.”

“Diplospeak.” You have got to love it. Reminds me of Blazing Saddles and “authentic frontier gibberish” which is a good description of Hilary’s comment.

At one point in time I thought that a two state solution made a lot of sense.

I didn’t believe that there was any historical reason for it. It is not like there ever was a Palestine ruled by Arab Palestinians that was magically erased and required restoration to right some sortg of historic wrong. However it seemed to me like a practical solution to a dilemma.

However over time I have become less and less convinced that a two state solution is sensible. In fact at this point in time I fail to believe that the Palestinians will settle for two states, especially the fundamentalists that run their government in Gaza. Remember, those silly old fools whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel.

So allow me to quote Diana Ross and The Supremes “You can’t hurry love.” I don’t think that we’re in a position to bring about a two state solution, not now. And trying to force the issue as President Clinton did at Camp David is not wise. There are many things in life that require time and preparation.

And I happen to believe that the peace process is one of them. I’d like to see a different approach taken in which we stop pushing so hard to come to a long term agreement. Instead I’d like to see an approach in which small steps are taken to bring about a more peaceful situation. Given some time in which no wars are fought and terrorist rocket attacks are not a daily occurence will go a long way.

It will help establish a foundation of trust that really doesn’t exist right now and without that foundation there is simply no way that the situation will ever improve.

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