How to Block Facebook Photos of Yourself

This really is useful information.

Facebook can’t stop people from posting your picture. But there’s a Facebook setting that prevents other users from tagging photos with your name. Choose that setting, and other users won’t be able to tag you or search for photos of you. Plus you get plausible deniability: Nope, that’s not me doing a keg stand at the company picnic.

As with many Facebook features, the no-tag setting is easy to use, hard to find.
If one of your so-called friends on Facebook has already tagged you in a photo, look beneath it for the label “In this photo.” Your own name will have an extra link next to it, “remove tag.”

Click it. The tag with your name goes away. Even better, no one else will be able to tag you in that shot again.

How to disable everyone on Facebook from being able to tag you in the first place? I had to email Facebook to tell me where the button is. Here’s the step-by-step:

Read the whole thing, you’ll thank me.

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