If I Was Smarter I’d Sleeping

If I was a smarter man I’d be fast asleep in bed, but I am not that smart. I don’t know about you, but I have often wondered why they say “fast asleep” as I have never really thought of being “slow asleep” as an alternative.

In fact “slow asleep” sounds absolutely ridiculous, not that it matters because no one is asking me for my opinion anyhow.

Went to a focus group earlier today and realized that in my dotage I am growing more reticent to speak in a group setting. Or maybe it is just a matter of being more selective about when and where I am willing to publicly share my thoughts. I am not afraid to speak in public, I do it all the time. But something has changed.

Not saying that this is a good or a bad thing, just an observation about myself. Since turning 40 was a bit more traumatic than a normal birthday I have been far more conscious of these little things. Now that the the date has come and gone I am more relaxed about it.

But that doesn’t mean that I am any more accepting of some of the less “pleasant” side effects. The mysterious aches and pains, the nicks, scrapes and bruises that take forever to heal are not welcome. In fact I have tried to scare them away, but they do not fear and so they stick around.

I have some stories to tell, some things to share. Little fragments of fiction and bits of truth intermixed in a strange melange of this and that. It is my blogging recipe.

It is a recipe that I find works pretty well and one that I have adopted for most of the work that I do, but as expected there are those moments when it doesn’t meet the expectations. The good news is that this is just another personal blog so the hard questions are almost immaterial.

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