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A number of my friends and I have begun playing some of the games on Facebook. A few of these games are built in such a way that in order to succeed you need to build a team. The more players on your team, the more powerful and successful you can become.

So we went out and tried to recruit new players from among our friends. Invariably quite a few of them opt not to play, some of them because they have no interest and some because they’re concerned about the time committment.

The reality is that it doesn’t matter why they don’t want to play. The end result is that you either accept that your success is limited by the size of those you can incorporate into your game or you have to go searching for like minded individuals on Facebook.

As it happens there are numerous groups of people who all want the same thing as you, success in the game. So you have the option of friending them and making them part of the team. The issue with this is that since you don’t know them you may be concerned about giving them access to your information.

The answer to this is to adjust your privacy settings and to separate your friends into groups. What happens is that you establish custom privacy settings that limit access to your information.
By doing this you can limit the information that your fellow players can see while still providing access to your trusted friends.

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