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I find myself wondering about many things. One of them has to do with a line I have seen many times in various job listings. Essentially it says that they are looking for applicants that are trustworthy.

Isn’t that self evident. It seems to me that no one wants to hire someone who isn’t trustworthy, unless they want to commit some sort of insurance fraud. In that case that might work out for them. Find someone untrustworthy who can burn down the store so that insurance money can be collected.

Kind of a silly thing if you ask me. But then again I find many job listings to be exceptionally silly and quite dull. It makes for good reading material if you have insomnia.

the candidate we are searching for should be better than the son of god. He/she has more than 1,98,720 hours of experience at all double o filing, is an expert in is0 6000 can quote Osha regulations with regularity and is willing to provide processing reports in multiple languages.

In addition the candidate will bring vast amounts of experience in filing stampy and procurement reports, can change light fixtures and is a team player who can work independently while simultaneously making the team look good.

Blah, blah, blah.

It is kind of ridiculous to see how much crap gets shoveled into these listings, really makes me wonder if the person who wrote it gets paid by the letter.

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