Does Your Blog Need A Mission Statement?

When bloggers ask for my advice on what they can do to build/improve their blogs I have a standard response.

  • Content is king and always will be. If you do not provide good content you will find it very difficult to build and a retain readers.
  • Use a user friendly template and a font that is easy to read.
  • Keep it simple.

Let’s go back to the headline of this post and tie it all together. Many people associate Mission Statements with business but there is no reason why they cannot be used here. A Mission Statement provides the purpose/reason for the existence of the business or in this case the blog.

In regard to blogging I think that they are useful because once you establish the reason/purpose you are blogging than it makes it easier to establish goals and objectives for your blog as well as an outline or road map to achieve them.

So we could say that the mission statement for your blog is almost more important than content. Or important in the respect that you need it to help guide your content. Once you know what your purpose is than you can work on providing content that serves that purpose.

What do you think?

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