Waiting for The Telephone to Ring

It is a bit after 10:30 and I am waiting for my telephone to ring. I have a business call that I am supposed to receive any time now.

Actually, I was given a two hour window for this call. It is supposed to come between 10 and 12 and for some reason they are calling on my home line. Don’t bother asking why they are calling on that line, it is long and complicated story.

It would be much easier if they were going to use the good old mobile phone so that I would not be stuck like this. It feels a bit like I have been sentenced to serve jail time at my home. Mind you, I like my house. It is comfortable and there are things to do.

But then again it is because I have things to do that I am feeling antsy. The most important projects that I have on my to do list are time consuming and require my attention. I don’t want to start them unless I can block off a chunk of uninterrupted time.

I would handle little projects but because I have been exceptionally efficient I have already finished them. So I find myself sitting at my desk trying to stay occupied. I hate these two hour blocks of time. If I had more control of the situation I would have pinned them down to a more specific time, but I don’t.

So…..here….I…sit…waiting….and….waiting for the damn phone to ring. I am staring at it, trying to will it to ring, but it is not working. Today is definitely not the day to lose my Jedi mind trick powers.

I think that I’ll write another post.

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