Forty Years Ago Man Reached The Moon

Forty years ago man reached the moon. My parents propped me up in front of the television so that I could watch this historical event with them. I can’t say that I remember that day, but space has always fascinated me.

I have spent more than a few hours learning about what exists outside of the earth and countless hours staring out into the night sky. Some times it has been through a telescope and sometimes via the naked eye. I have vivid memories of watching Halley’s Comet and the Northern Lights, but the moon has always held a special place for me.

Some of that intrigue and mystique comes from learning about the space program and stories I have heard. Some of that comes from the awe I feel looking at stars, but it also comes from other things as well.

I have been fortunate enough to travel across the US and to various countries around the world. Every time I go I make a point of looking up at the moon. It is a celestial landmark that I know can be seen from home and by the people I love and care about. No matter where we are or whether we are in contact or not I know that it is something we can share.

Anyway, I found links about this that I thought were interesting so I wanted to pass them along to you.

To The Moon…– Toner Mishap
How Did Moon Travel Change Astronauts?– ABC News
Google flies you to the moon– CNET

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