Multiple Facebook Accounts

Somewhere in the archives of this collection of comments and critiques is a post discussing the trials and tribulations of having multiple Facebook accounts. I mulled over searching for it but I am just not in the mood so forgive me if I repeat myself.

Anyhoo, I created two different Facebook accounts because I wanted one for the blogosphere and one for the real world. In theory it was a smart idea, at least when I did it I thought that it would be useful. At the time I hadn’t really figured out if I wanted to use Facebook so I set things up so that I would have the option.

Since then I have found that I use Facebook far more than I had anticipated. It has turned out to be a good tool for networking and for staying in touch with various friends and family. And yes, for those who wonder the networking has translated into dollars in my pocket. Woohoo! Not huge, but enough that I am grateful that it worked out.

The problem now is that with my limited time I am finding it harder to juggle it all so I face a few decisions. The simple choice would be to shut down one of the accounts and have one less responsibility.

I am not quite ready to do that. I am still contemplating tearing away the curtain on my anonymity and if I do that I might as well not throw away the contacts and relationships that have developed over there.

So for now I’ll do what I can to keep juggling things. If nothing else thanks to the magic of technology my blog posts will keep populating that place and provide some new content with some regularity.

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