An Expert on Social Media

Lately I keep describing my life as being similar to a Bollywood production. Every where I look there are bright flashes of color and intricate dance routines being executed. I attribute part of the problem to being constantly connected to everyone and everything.

The BlackBerry is always buzzing with texts, emails and alerts from LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook and Twitter. And every other message is from a self proclaimed expert on Social Media. Every one of them offers a cure for what ills me or my business. Sign up now and you will receive a free ebook that outlines the seven steps you must take to send your business to the next level.

Click here and I, Jack, social media expert will gladly show you how to generate 1 million followers on Twitter, 5,000 friends on Facebook and much more. For a modest investment you can hire me and I will help you craft a the Keep It Simple Stupid Social Media plan for success.

I am sure that I am not the first one to roll my eyes about all of these experts, but at times it gets to be rather humorous. It creates sort of a clown car image in my mind. I can’t help but giggle at the thought of 176 experts on social media piling in and out of that tiny car.

Allow me to clarify my sarcasm. While I do not believe that there are as many experts in Social Media as claimed I haven’t any problem saying that they exist. So the question then becomes how do you find an expert and how do you qualify them as such. I think that I’ll leave that for a separate post on the matter.

Stay tuned to this bat channel.

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