Getting Paid To Write- The Blogger’s Dream

Since I turned 40 I have been in the midst of a pseudo midlife crisis. So I did what most guys do. I bought a new sports car, started dating the 25 year-old triplets from across the street and backpacked around Europe.

The new car has been great. There is nothing like cruising Pacific Coast Highway with two hot blondes and a brunette to keep you company. My oh my, Louie Armstrong was right, what a wonderful world.

Ok, the only thing that is true among the previous two paragraphs is that I turned 40 and that I am in the midst a pseudo crisis. It is not a full blown midlife, but it has a few elements that would be appropriate, or so I think. What the hell do I know about midlife, my grandparents are 95 and I am only 40. Clearly I am not middle aged.

But I did make a decision that I am going to actively work on gaining employment as a writer. I love doing it and I seem to have some talent for it so what the hell. And that my friends takes us to the real point of this post which is that it is possible to be paid to be a blogger.

I am not talking about being paid to be the ghostwriter for some Fortune 500 blog either.

You can be paid to write for your very own blog.

So now you are wondering how this can be, I can feel some of you salivating over the prospect of being paid to write your own blog. Stop drooling and relax and I’ll address the question of how to do it. Or rather I’ll tell you a bit about what I am doing.

A while back I read about a site called Triond that sounded interesting. And then life got in the way and I promptly forgot about it. Three or four days ago I stumbled onto a site and was reminded of it so I decided to sign up.

However, I decided not to be anonymous there. Over on Triond I am writing without the mask that I wear here. It is a bit odd, but that mask can get awfully hot, talk about sweating. Whew.

On a serious note it enables me to build a portfolio of my work that I can use to try and generate additional freelance work with. It has literally been years since I made my living solely via my words so I am excited about trying to do so again.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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