Authentic Judaism

Typically I don’t link to Hirhurim very often. Gil has been blogging for quite some time now, at least as long as I have and as a result we have had occasion to pass each other here and there.

While we have relatively divergent views about many things I usually find that though we disagree it is done in a tasteful manner. And that makes all the difference to me.

I don’t care if everyone agrees with my point of view. Makes no difference to me whether friends, relatives, neighbors or landsmen think that they have a better way, provided that their way does not hurt people.

Once you cross that line I haven’t any problem in doing what I can to protect others and to thwart the desires of the morons, numbskulls and mental midgets who believe that their blog should be used as a cudgel to inflict a monolithic perspective upon others.

And that is why I have linked to Gil’s post about authentic Judaism. I can guarantee that he and I disagree about it. It is certain that our views are not in line on many of the issues. I am not positive that we would even agree on what authentic Judaism is except in the broadest definition of the term.

But sometimes we set aside the needs of the one for the needs of the many and so this is why you find a post here about authentic Judaism. Perhaps later on I will flesh this out and prepare something that illustrates my view on matter.

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