An Ugly Divorce

I have avoided writing about Jon and Kate Gosselin. I don’t find it to be particularly interesting and more importantly I feel badly for their children.

I haven’t any false ideas about marriage. I do not believe that every relationship is made to last and I am not of the opinion that people should stay married just for the children.

Anyhoo, I signed onto CNN and saw that Jon Gosselin says that he despises his wife and decided to give my two cents. I couldn’t tell you if she is the worst wife ever or the best. I don’t watch their show, but when I read that I got irritated.

Irritated because two adults decided to become reality television stars, decided to chronicle their lives on television. That is all fine and good, but now they are chronicling what appears to be a very ugly divorce on camera.

Now they are placing their children in a terrible position. They shouldn’t have to worry about strangers asking if their mom is a bitch or their dad is a jerk. They shouldn’t be able to have the end of their parent’s marriage immortalized on camera. It is wrong.

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