Blogging Used To Be Fun

Blogging  used to be fun. It used to be a bright shiny penny that I would hold up and stare at. I’d take that penny and watch the light reflect from it. But lately my shiny penny hasn’t been so shiny. There are reasons why, there are always reasons why, but we’ll discuss those later.

It is not really a lazy Sunday afternoon although I wish that it was. It is kind of dark in here and I am not really sure what time it is. Ok, if I pulled the shades back I could get glance outside and determine if the nap I just woke up from extended into the night or the next day.

Or better yet I could simply look at the clock on the computer, but that requires more effort than I wish to exert. I am not sure yet if I really want to be awake so I am going to to continue to play this silly game here in the dark. It is hard enough to take the glare from the monitor, but I suppose that it makes it easier to see what I am typing.

For those who care or are concerned I am not drunk nor hungover. Although I do have one hell of  a headache. I picture a couple of gremlins inside my head playing blacksmith on my brain. Someone ought to tell them to go find a better place to play. They won’t like the consequences of awakening my wrath. Being a good Taurus I envision running full speed into the wall, head first.

That ought to teach them, or maybe not. I find the idea mildly humorous. It is simply ridiculous, Three Stooges silly, the idea of me running full speed into the wall. I can’t help but chuckle at it. I can almost picture my head going through the wall.

Wouldn’t that be a sight. Imagine my head bursting through the wall, hair covered in drywall, dust all over my face. Pretty funny. Or potentially pretty dumb. Chances are I’d smack into it and knock myself unconscious. A sort of do it yourself coma.

What if I died. How would my family explain that. I’d hate for my kids to be stuck explaining that their father accidentally killed himself by running full speed into a wall. And how would they know that? If I didn’t leave a note how would they know the reason that I was lying there.

They couldn’t possibly know. Would they think that they had stumbled onto some bizarre murder scene. Would the police suddenly pore over case files looking for other men who had died from head trauma caused by running full speed into the wall. Would I turn into a strange sort of Black Dahlia type case.

I sure hope not. Of course I am not going to run into the wall, not now, not ever. I don’t believe that I have gremlins in my head, it is just a kind of euphemism for saying that the pounding I feel right now is killing me.

So let’s return to the initial topic of blogging and how it used to be fun.Well, it is true, it used to be far more fun than it is now. It used to be more interesting and exciting. It is not that I don’t enjoy it anymore, because I do, but I am still sitting in a funny place and time.

I am at a crossroads, a blogging crossroads of a sort and I haven’t decided exactly what direction I intend to go yet. That is the real issue. That is a big part of why I feel a bit off. But don’t worry, I am not quitting today, I have more to say and more to share.

Stay tuned, because that is coming soon.

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