How To Build More Traffic to Your Blog

Reprinted from here.

  1. Run around cyberspace and insult everyone you come in contact with on their blogs.
  2. Come back to your blog and insult them some more in the hope that they will come and visit.
  3. Post banner ads promoting your site as a resource for free sex, viagra and penis enlargement.
  4. Hire an African Elephant to march through Manhattan with a sign promoting your blog.
  5. Tell people that if they sign a petition on your Blog Obama will be recalled.
  6. Tell people that if they sign a petition on your Blog gay marriage will be abolished.
  7. Send press releases to major media groups announcing your new reality TV show about a person and their blog.
  8. Create a virus that forces computers to make your blog their homepage. Not legal, but it could be very effective.
  9. Hire DovBear to create a P.R. campaign for your blog.
  10. Ignore dumb and idiotic lists like this one.
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