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Periodically I churn out a post with all sorts of data about this place. It is a never ending source of fascination for me, how people find this joint, what they read, where they come from etc. It is also a tool I use when I can’t decide what I want to write about.

So join me as we take a few minutes to review this useless but necessary information.

The Most Popular Posts haven’t really changed. They still include the usual items such as:

The Duggar Family Revisited
What Are Your Favorite Song Lyrics?
The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants
Too Much Information- The Girl in the Men’s Room
Teaching Children To Lose Gracefully
Why The Baal Teshuva World Irritates Me
Cover Songs- Part One

As you can see it is the usual mix of personal and provocative. If it wasn’t close to midnight I might engage in some real analysis of it.

Keywords that led you here:

Come back to me June
random thoughts
the heart wants what the heart wants
Kabbalah quotes about besheret
Rules for dating my daughter
meaning of static electricity
what does a fighter pilot do when the need to go the bathroom
how to dispose of clutter
letter for my children
sexualy incompatible marriage
how many fearful thoughts do humans have in a day
how to entertain myself during class
are heroes born or made

Here is a link to a previous post that discussed some of this.

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