Tuesday Tunes- My Head is Swimming

My head hurts. Working on a project now that is interesting but delves into some technical details that are well beyond my normal comfort zone. Feel like I am on the Kursk fighting to find a way to stay alive. Ok, that is an exaggeration, but this is a bit over my head.

However thanks to the wonderful world of Google I am educating myself. It is slow going, but I am making it happen. Need to take a short break. Here is a sample of some of what I am listening to while working.

All I ask of You– The Phantom Of The Opera
The Phantom Of The Opera -The Phantom Of The Opera
Music of The Night– The Phantom Of The Opera
Uprising– Muse
21 Guns– Green Day
Beloved Wife– Natalie Merchant
Gotta Be Somebody– Nickelback
The Godfather Waltz– Nino Rota
Just Another Day– Oingo Boingo

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