End Of The Year Round up

I have a bad habit of starting my end of the year round up really late, like right around the end of the year. Really I should be doing this throughout the year. You know, marking posts as being worthy of inclusion, or at least considered.

Instead I save it for the end and find myself doing it in a less organized and more herky-jerky type fashion. It is a mistake. Of course if I made millions of dollars from doing this I wouldn’t put it off, but since it is a hobby it gets short shrift sometimes.

I am working on the round up now and I am less than pleased with it. It doesn’t feel right, something is off. It might be that I hate half of the posts that I have written. That too is consistent.

Anyway, I will put something together. In the interim if you have any requests or suggestions feel free to include them in the comments.

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