General Housekeeping Notes

It is pushing 1 A.M. and I should really be asleep. Instead I have been spending time taking care of some odds and ends around this joint.

I finally got around to setting up a Facebook fan page for this joint. You can find a link to it on the right hand side of the page. It is a bit rough now but eventually it should turn into something nicer. The goal of the page is very simple, to help market this joint. I am curious to see what sort of impact it has upon readership and traffic, if any.

I am still mulling over whether to move this over to a self hosted WordPress blog. I probably should do it, but I am slow to make those kinds of changes. Blogger gave me my start and I feel a bit of attachment and allegiance to it.

Still, a WordPress blog offers numerous advantages that are well worth pursuing. One of the things that I want to do is clean up the clutter and make this a bit snazzier. The content won’t change. You’ll still come here and find posts about life, parenting, science and the occasional mention of that wacky Shmata Queen. She still thinks that Lake Erie has a beach.

Beaches require saltwater. Great lakes are just large bodies of water that are surrounded by a pile of sand.

I still intend to write a book and a screenplay or two. I have a bunch of ideas that I am playing around with. The short/long term goal is take those ideas and make them into something.

Anyhoo, I am starting to nod off so I am going to end this here. I encourage you to consider becoming a fan so that you can benefit from all the privileges that yields. More on this to come.

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