Recipes Are For Wimps

It is time for another edition of Jack, the Cooking Dad and his famous show, recipes are for wimps. Tonight due to time constraints we aren’t going to roll out the video and play-by-play directions and animation. No, tonight we are going to share a few thoughts and a short audio clip.

I very much enjoy cooking, always have. Being an adventurous soul and a man who hates being told what to do I like to cook by feel. I grab ingredients, throw them into a bowl, plate, skillet, what have you and start working my magic.

Most of the time it works out pretty well. A successful melange of spices and a joy for my senses. Really, more often than not it is something to be pleased with and happy about. However, there is one major flaw with my system and it is not the taste of the failed experiments.

No, it is the lack of records I keep for my success stories. They are masterpieces that the world sees only once as the lack of recipe prevents me from recreating them again. Such is the price of brilliance. And now if you’ll excuse me I must dash back into the kitchen.

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