Festival Of The Fathers- A Blog Experience

Welcome to the first edition of The Festival of Fathers- A Blog Experience. It is a collection of posts about parenting but written from a father’s perspective. Consider this the unofficial first edition in what will eventually become something bigger and better than it is now, kind of like our children.

There is no rhyme or reason to the order, they appear in random fashion, kind of like our kids do. One moment it is silent and the next it sounds like all hell has broken loose and then it is silent again. That is the way of children. If you like what you read leave a comment here and of course let the dads know on their own blogs.

And if you don’t agree with how we do it, remember, we’re men and we don’t ask for permission or directions because life is a lot more fun when you just live it. 😉

Treppenwitz:Parental fieldcraft vs. Technology
Clark Kent’s Lunchbox:  “Endurance” Published by The Good Men Project
Dad Who Writes: Language, or more Little Elf speak
Luke, I Am Your Father: Thine Eyes Have Seen The Beauty
DC Urban Dad: Mini-Kamp, sometimes people aren’t who you think they are
US And Them: Mistaken Crustaceans And Fame
Jack: Teaching Children How To Judge Others
Stay At Home Dad: #FatherhoodFriday – Things I’ve learned from my daughter
Real Men Drive Minivans:My kid has expensive taste
Mocha Dad: Peer Pressure and Kindergarten Fashion
Almighty Dad: Solar Flare Survival Kit: Not Paranoia

Father Doesn’t Know Best: How Precious Are Your Pictures
And Triplets Make Six: The Driving Force
New York Dad: Grandma, Grandpa and Max Headroom…
Dada Rocks: Where does the time fly
Dadwagon: A Week on the Wagon: Punching Bag Edition
Why is Daddy Crying: Glitter Bitches!
Diary of a New Dad: Week Nine: Rainbow yawns, and a hole in my wallet
Outnumbered is Me:My Wife Left Me…
Dad Gone Mad: A Better Man
Dad-o-Matic: I Am Not Weird 
Dad’s House: Bad Sex or No Sex
The Busy Dad: Neither I, Nor Beef, Will Ever Be The Same
Buck Daddy’s Blog: Because I Said So – Dad Edition – Dream Job
Backpacking Dad: Sophie Redux
Writer Dad: A Promise to My Family
DadLabs:Changing Station in Men’s John a Tipping Point in Human History

And there you have it, a brief snapshot, and one that is certainly not complete of the Daddy Bloggers that are hanging out in Cyberspace. It is a motley crew of men who are chronicling our adventures and experiences as fathers.

I would be greatly appreciative if you help share the love and send along a note, tweet, post, link whatever to your readers, friends and family. Feel free to leave comments, questions here or email me at talktojacknow-at-gmail-dot-com

P.S. And by all means feel free to sift through the archives here they are chalk full of good stuff. Sign up for the FB fan page, follow me on Twitter what have you. End of personal promotion.

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