So it is around 4 something on a Monday afternoon. I am working from the home office and wondering whether now is a good time to wander into the kitchen to grab a snack and a hot cup of Joe. Thing is, the dishwasher is full of clean dishes and the sink has a bunch of dirty ones.

If I don’t go in I can pretend not to know any of this and not feel guilty about not emptying/filling said sink and dishwasher. And of course I didn’t do that because I have been so busy working that I never left my seat. Just in case you are keeping score none of these tricks will work, but I am a five year old trapped in a man’s body so I must try them anyway.

And in the course of taking a break from working hard I am working hard on avoiding said housework which means that I need to blog for another moment.

Let’s take a moment to review recent keywords that led people to the blog:

Daddy blogger
festival of fathers
Father who blogs
the blogging dad
wish I was cool like Jack
random thoughts
Stacey wishes she were here
how to hard boil eggs
the heart wants what the heart wants
catch a tiger by the toe meaning
Kissing styles and what they mean
a man always blames the women who fools him in the sameway he blames the door he walks into the dark

men who turn 40 what do they think
buckwheat shot video
what’s beatles song says “And in the end, the love we take will be equal to the love we make.”
is it good sex or love?
random thoughts jack

the meaning of beards

Some of those are classic and I didn’t even begin to include the really good ones, but that is because I am saving them for later.

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