Festival of Fathers- A Blog Experience #8

2010 is the year of the daddy blogger and as such it is time again for the Festival of Fathers- A Blog Experience. This is the 8th edition of our weekly series. A collection of posts from the unsung heroes of the parenting gang. Take a moment to read the posts the men have written and let them know that they are appreciated.

Special note, check out the M3 Modern Media Man Summit, a convention for men and dad bloggers. It sounds interesting to me.

Ed@Home Dad: Saturday Story Time (The Three Little Pigs, as told by Elle.)
Jack: I Don’t Want To Be A Mommy Blogger
Cute Monster: Sesame Street Elmo’s Alphabet…
Real Dads Hangout: Fatherhood: A Complete Review of Fatherhood
Tessa’s Dad: #Fatherhood Friday – My little toddler
The Daddy Files: What Kind of Dad Am I?
Always Jacked:Why I Took A One-Year-Old To Work
Mr. Storage’s Closet: C25K Beginnings
Juggling Eric: A Prestigious Award
Luke, I Am Your Father:Hammering Man
Undad:On Dogs and Babies

Rebel Dad: 600,000 At-Home Dads in the UK
Sex and The Single Dad: Back in the game
Daddy Claxton:Week One Wrap Up of Announcing Modern Media Man Summit
Dad Is In The House:Friday Field Trip: Container Store
Dadwagon:A Week on the Wagon: Paparazzi Edition 
Almighty Dad: TV is a Waste of Time
Book Dads:Book Review – Sugar Milk: What One Dad Drinks When He Can’t Afford Vodka
Big Daddy Paul: Q& A Week 3
NY Dad: Rub-a-dub-dub, Mom, Dad and the Tub
The Fall of James:The Postman Rings Twice
Bruce Sallan: Faith — It’s Everywhere If You Look
And Triplets Make Six: Weasel Momma Book Club
Always Home and Uncool: Yes, I Know ‘No’ and Yes, That’s Not ‘No’
The Cheek Of God: Yes, I Know ‘No’ and Yes, That’s Not ‘No’
Canadad: Of jungles, dinosaurs and adventure
Dadvocate: Fatherhood Revolutions
Dad Revolution: Fathers Should Have A Voice in Today’s Society
Homemaker Man :A report from the Front: It’s littered with kitties
Suburban Daddy: Take Your Child To No Work Day
Busy Dad Blog: To Rock
Back To Work Dad: Happy Earthday from Little Dude!
Dad-O-Matic :Where is my Hug?
Writer Dad: The Reality of Parenthood
Jack :Children and Playdates- Then and Now
The Good Men Project:Man-to-Man with Randy Strauss aka PRIMAL RAND
Modern Day Dad: “Is That $50,000-a-Year College Worth It?” Uh, maybe.
SAHDPDX: We need a clean up on the table Saw, Stat

That’s it for now. This shouldn’t be considered a complete list of the many fine daddy bloggers, but it does provide a small glimpse into our world.

If you like what you see here then please consider becoming a fan of the blog. Have additional questions/comments? Send me an email at talktojacknow-at-gmail-dot-com.

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