The Male Brain Versus The Female Brain

The tweet above is from early Monday morning. It is in response to one of the most misguided, foolish and dumb articles I have ever read. A piece that supposedly was written by a woman to help other women understand men. I suppose that if you like living in a world based upon cliches and stereotypes that it is the kind of piece that makes sense.

If you like reading/watching stories/movies that portray men as cloddish buffoons than it would be a good read.

Anyhoo, my response to iVillage led to an offer to write a response. I expect that I am going to take them up on it. At the moment I am mulling over what sort of response I wish to write. I’ll keep you posted on the particulars of when and where it is posted. In the interim here is a video I posted last year.

The Male Brain Versus The Female Brain

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