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If you are one of the 17 long time readers you are aware that during the past six years I have used a number of different commenting systems here. Blogger, Haloscan, Echo, DISQUS- they have all had a moment in the sun.

Ultimately technical issues and a frustration with my inability to fix or to find solutions pushed me back to Blogger’s system.

This past week I went back to DISQUS. I know that not everyone likes the system, but there are advantages to it. I consider it to be a more robust system than Blogger and something that is better suited to helping to build a community here.

Prior to installing it I was told that I would be able to integrate the Blogger comments into DISQUS. That made me happy because part of the value of some of the older posts lie in the conversations that took place around them.

Unfortunately the old comments have not been imported. I can’t tell you why that is all I can say is that I have contacted support and the issue is being looked at. If they don’t figure it out soon I am going to think about kicking this to the curb again.

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