Fragments of Fragments

Bits and pieces that may one day be integrated into stories or left to stand on their own.

“…and in her guilt she questions her worth and why a man would love her,
wonders how it could be and so she punishes herself by rejecting him and in the process breaks his heart,

for she doesn’t see the reflection of her beauty in his eyes,
and cannot feel the love he carries in his heart,

and in the end all that we were crumbles to dust…”


Sometimes love makes us into something more than we are. It changes us, molds and inspires us into being more than we could be without it. And when it is withdrawn we are diminished and less than we once were.

But the great challenge and adventure of our lives is to find a way to climb back to those heights without the assistance of that who makes our heart soar. For those who find that path are granted an extra measure of happiness and contentment than those who do not.

Still, a half measure is granted to those who try but fail in the process for the lessons that are learned in the quest still offer some special benefits.


A girl once told a boy that she would never say “I love you first.” The boy laughed and said that was ok. He knew that this was merely something she said to try and draw him out. It wasn’t a game in the traditional sense, but still it was an opening feint in a game of Chess.

While he wasn’t a master of romance, he knew enough not to give in immediately. So he pulled her pony tail and teased her about her dress. It was one thing too many. Had he only pulled her pony tail or teased her he would have been fine, but the combination pushed her to a different place.

And instead he found himself begging for her forgiveness. Surprised by how badly he felt he immediately swore never to do it again and begged for the opportunity to take care of her. Smiling she said that she would think about it. Frustrated by her response he stood up and began to walk away.

She called out to him, but he ignored her. Later he would turn to see if she was watching him. When he discovered that she was not he grew frustrated and angry. But more than anything else he found himself confused.

Confused as was she. His behavior made no sense to her. She thought it was illogical and irrational. He didn’t was too angry to give her credit for logic. He though of her as playing a stupid game and wondered why she just didn’t say what she meant.

Had they been forced to spend some time alone together they would have sorted out their misunderstanding quite quickly.Instead time passed and the idea of talking became awkward, or so they viewed it and so they kept on walking away from each other. Instead of walking towards love they ran towards fear- they just didn’t know it.

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