Networking and Introductions

Sometimes when I see old pictures of myself I have to stop and stare.  Not because of narcissism but because it is hard to recognize the boy I see standing there. That guy couldn’t have imagined that life would be as it is now. He couldn’t have pictured the triumphs or the tragedies. Some life experiences have to be lived to be understood.

But the one thing that he knew was that in life it is not always what you know, but who you know. As a parent it is something that I am very conscience of. We monitor who our children hang out with. We pay close attention to their friends because some people are trouble waiting to happen.

From a professional standpoint I have found that it is advantageous to be a broker of knowledge and people. And I like it on a personal level. It makes me feel good to try and introduce people who can help each other. It can’t hurt to help another.

Still am cautious about introductions. I don’t make introductions between people unless I am confident that it is appropriate and that both parties are ok with my passing along a name or telephone number. It is a matter of courtesy.

When I make an introduction I expect that both parties will make an effort to connect with each other. It is not my business whether they work together, but I expect them to communicate at least once.

Unfortunately I have been burned twice within the last month or so. I took time to introduce a few people and the ball was dropped. I hate that. I do an excellent job of making myself look silly and don’t want any help. When you tell me to pass along your name/number I expect you to follow up.

I don’t care if you prefer not to be a part of that. I am not offended if you are too busy. It is not my place to say whether you have time or not, but if you say yes I will hold your feet to the fire.

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