Three Little Girls

The call just came in. Three little girls are on their way home. Less than a full week of school remains and they are determined to get in as many playdates as they can before summer vacation begins. Three little girls are on their way here, waiting to unleash their madcap ways upon my home office.

Uh oh, the house is a wreck and I look like the guy from a bad sitcom. Dressed in a tank top and boxers I am in need of a shave and a shower. Been working like a fiend on a couple of projects, determined to finish them sooner than later because the plan was to take the dog for a walk and then head to the garage for some time on the heavy bag.

But people plan and god laughs so I dash into the bedroom and grab a pair of shorts. The dog looks up at me, wondering why we haven’t left the house yet. I rub his head and promise to take him soon. Three little girls are on their way home and there is no telling what kind of craziness they’ll bring with them.

Last time they played 1,769,891 games including chase the giant (me), put makeup on the giant (me) and beg the giant (me) to give them piggy back rides through the house. In a matter of minutes this place will be filled with three little girls who will scream, giggle and shout.

I’ll put in my earphones and try to ignore them. Joe Cocker, Johnny Cash and Ray Charles will accompany me. Companions who will sing songs of life, love lost and love found all the while I will study spreadsheets and scratch notes. In between I’ll stare off into space and dream of things that haven’t been but could be. Get lost in thoughts of what I want and what I have.  Wonder if they can’t find a way to turn back the clock just a little bit.

Three little girls will march into the house. First in line will be the dark haired beauty, the queen. She’ll prance around our home and have a grand time playing with her pals. I’ll try to sneak away, my laptop, wifi and I. Sneak away so that I can try to get it done, whatever it is I do.

In between now and then I sit here typing, trying to catch my breath. No time to start a new project, not while three little girls are on their way. Better to wait and let them get situated.

I am pleased and aggravated by their presence. Pleased because I take great joy in watching my girl in her element. Almost six going on 30 the time will come when she won’t let me witness what it is she does. For now I am daddy or abba, the superman who at times she views as a big playmate.

Yesterday she asked for candy for breakfast. When I said no she glared and stomped her feet. I told her that one more stomp would leave her feeling hungry and alone in her room. So she changed tactics, hugged and kissed me. I smiled, hugged and kissed her back and said no again.

She shrugged her shoulders and asked for some cereal. Oy, I see the future. She has too much time to study me, too much time to try to figure out how to manipulate me.

Just moments remain before three little girls arrive so I must bid you adieu. There is work to be done, things to be shuffled and hidden- papers to be collected…For when they do arrive it will be as if a great wind accompanies them. Three little girls will prance and dance around this home. They’ll shriek and giggle and have fun.

It is too late- got to run because three little girls have….

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