Flotilla Fools- Crocodile Tears

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” Abraham Lincoln

And so we leave daddy blogging for a moment to revisit the Flotilla of Fools. You remember them, the fine freedom fighters who intentionally provoked a sovereign nation in the hopes of dying as martyrs. The jackass above is Kenneth O’Keefe. Sorry, I really shouldn’t call him a jackass or suggest that he is both a fool and a liar, but the video makes that almost impossible.

Because if you have the stomach to sit through it you will hear him describe those who died as martyrs. You will hear him talk about disarming two commandos. You will hear him say that he took the sidearm away from one. He’ll claim that the removed the ammunition from said weapon.

And to that I respond as I have in the past. If you try to take a weapon from a cop or soldier of any nation you will receive a very severe response, especially if they hadn’t drawn their weapon. But let’s set that aside for a moment.

Because moments later he talks about having three commandos under control or should I use his term, in “our possession.” Mind you that he says that there were 100 or maybe 200 people watching over them.

It is almost comical his recounting of this tale. Really, you almost have to laugh at such a ridiculous story, but you can’t. You can’t because he and his flunkies are responsible for the deaths of their colleagues. You can’t because he and his colleagues did their best to spark a bonfire. A fire that would most assuredly lead to more death.

So I wonder if he is a polished liar who can say these things knowing full well they aren’t true or if he so dumb that he believes the lies he spews.

It is the typical contradiction. In one breath they describe a mighty war machine and then in the next they somehow over power said war machine. Honestly, it is just too much. If you told me that he cracked open an eggplant and smeared it over his face I’d believe you.

Dear Kenny, the Palestinian/Irish man whose desire is to create more hate and distrust among people- you deserve a more serious punishment than deportation. I haven’t any sympathy for you.

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