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I finally gave up on DISQUS. They have a commenting system that I thought was really going to supercharge things here but they never managed to get it together. More than five years of Blogger comments lie trapped in limbo. They promised to help rescue them but never managed to get it done.

In the interim I gained new comments on DISQUS and comments from readers that they couldn’t make the damn system work.

So because I am a glutton for punishment I installed Intense Debate. It appears to be superior to Blogger’s native commenting system so I am giving it a run. Unfortunately due to time constraints I wasn’t able to do the normal testing and QA that I like to run so for the next day or so there may be a few glitches.

My apologies. With a little luck we’ll get that all squared away sooner than later or maybe not.

One of these day I really will move this all to my own domain on a WordPress blog, but we haven’t quite hit that point yet. In the interim keep the faith true believers and I’ll see you on the other side.

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