The Pain of The Present- Video Doesn’t Lie

Video doesn’t lie, but I sure wish that it did. Been traveling with one of them handy-dandy Flip video camcorders. Been a recording fiend, taking all sorts of videos of the kids doing this and that. Later I sneak onto to the computer and play with it. Editing clips, adding music and turning the raw footage into something a little bit more exciting.

It is something that I enjoy quite a bit, this editing stuff. The videos are just a different medium I use to create. They serve as another tool that I can use to express myself and I love that.

But they also lend irrefutable proof that I am not 25 anymore. The man I see on the video looks…old. He looks like one of those fathers I used to say that I’d never become. He is not as smooth and graceful as he appears in my mind. He needs to go on a diet because his health is too important.

That is not to say that he is morbidly obese or hideously repulsive. Most people wouldn’t say that and he wouldn’t care if they did. But his ego is far too large to allow for this to continue. If it wasn’t would he continue to speak of himself in the third person. I doubt it.

What can I say. I don’t like seeing myself on camera anymore. Dad looks like a dad and I don’t like it. So the realy question is what am I going to do about it. Will I be content to make fun of myself in a blog post or will I take action.

Well, action is always preferable so inaction so now it is time to prove that words have weight behind them, no pun intended. Time to to buck up and part of that means getting a decent night’s sleep. See you in the a.m.

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