Friday Morning Music

Here is a partial list of what we are listening to this morning:

Helter Skelter– The Beatles
I Can’t Stop Loving You– Ray Charles
And So It Goes– Billy Joel
Why Should I Care– Diana Krall
Somewhere Down The Road– Barry Manilow
Girls, Girls, Girls– Motley Crue
Your Time Is Gonna Come– Led Zeppelin
Bright Side of The Road– Van Morrison
I Drove All Night– Roy Orbison
Fanfare For The Common Man– Copland
Life Without You– Stevie Ray Vaughn
Nobody– The Doobie Brothers
Stuck In The Middle With You– The Jeff Healey Band
The Battle of Evermore– Led Zeppelin
Going To California– Led Zeppelin
Superman– R.E.M.
Isn’t Life Strange– The Moody Blues
Don’t Pass Me By– The Beatles
Training Montage– Vince Di Cola (Rocky IV)
It Was A Very Good Year– Ray Charles/Willie Nelson
Running Down A Dream– Tom Petty
Cuyahoga– R.E.M.

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