An Open Letter To Our Government

I became an independent because I lost faith in the parties. When it became more important for them to point out what the other side was doing wrong it became clear to me that the system was broken.

I am tired of excuses. Tired of finger pointing. Tired of listening to rationalization of this and that.

I just want our politicians to shut up and work. Just STFU and fix the mess that was created by everyone.

The situation we find ourselves in doesn’t exist solely because of one side or another. It is a mess that we all own and all share. It is a problem that won’t disappear by blaming Democrats or Republicans. It won’t go away by crying about the situation you inherited or by crowing about proof that policy XYZ is bad.

I am not interested in listening to you tell me what you could do or want to do. I want to hear what you are doing and I want to see actionable results. I want to see people standing shoulder to shoulder working on fixing what is broken.

Beyond that I am done. Done listening, watching and reading about why you are better than the next guy. Done listening to morons who talk about a radical in office and morons who rally for sanity. SHUT UP! It is like watching kids fight over a toy.

Suck it up, shake hands and do what you have to do to implement real solutions and not bandages.

And that my friends is my election day prayer. A hope and a dream that one day the change we talk about will be in place and that our children won’t still be fighting the same battles that we fight today.

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