In the midst of the chaos that surrounds me I am working on setting up a new blog. Yes, ladies and gentlemen after a thousands years my little shack in cyberspace is getting ready to move on up to a deluxe apartment in the sky.

It is with a bit of excitement and some trepidation that I prepare myself to make this move. Not unlike college I am doing most of the heavy lifting on my own. That is not to say that I don’t have friends helping out because several of them have been very gracious with their time. But unlike college I can’t bribe them with beer and pizza so I find myself burning the midnight oil once again.

Hmm…it is long past midnight so perhaps I need to adjust my claim and say that I am working quietly in the darkness. A puppy sleeps at my feet, making me wonder if he isn’t smarter than I am. There is no deadline for this, at least none other than that which exists in my own mind. To paraphrase Rocky Horror, time is fleeting and madness is taking control.

After all this time on Blogger I have grown relatively proficient at making it do what I want it to. There is a certain comfort level that comes from time spent here. This cyber home has borne witness to some of my great triumphs, a few tragedies and the rebirth of my soul. I look around and see fields in which I have planted seeds. Jack’s personal vineyard is covered in grapevines that I have sometimes wandered through. And yes, I suspect that there might even be a burning river running through it all too.

I wander through here trying to determine what to take with me and what to leave behind. There is room for everything to come with me. The new place is bigger but that is not reason to take it all.

It is fun, working on the new place. Each day I make a point of visiting it so that I can work on preparing it for the day in which I make the big move. I am good with my hands and can do many things but not unlike the real world I sometimes find myself considering the merits of hiring a handyman. Not because I am quitting, but because my time is valuable.

And sometimes it makes sense to give the work to someone who can do it faster than I can with a greater degree of skill. There is no shame in that. Still, I sit here late at night watching tutorials and learning. I want to know how to do these things. I want to understand how to put the pieces together. I want to know how to make it work.

These posts are being copied here so that I can bring them over to the new place. I like the idea of chronicling my thoughts here. Even if it is of no interest to anyone else it is to me. That is part of what I like about the blog. It is a snapshot in time. Click on a post from years before and for a moment I am transported back. My children are babies, my grandparents are still alive and I am a different man.

There is more to say but much work to do so for now we shall end this here.

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