The Problem With Blogging

Someone once told me that the problem with blogging is that you tell your best stories long before you become popular. I  remember trying to come up with some sort of witting reference to premature ejaculation, like premature blogulation. Not only was it terribly juvenile it just wasn’t clever and so I let it go and the conversation moved on to more exciting topics.

However it wasn’t the last time that it would come up in conversation nor was it the last time that I thought about it.  At one of the Twitter meet ups someone compared blogging to the early stages of a relationship. In the beginning you find your partner to be stimulating. In addition to being physically attracted to them you enjoy spending time and listening to their stories about themselves and their thoughts on life. Over time you get to know them so well that you that the shine wears off and you begin to be bored by their stories. They aren’t funny or insightful any more, just mundane.

I probably should give the storyteller the benefit of the doubt, but I found that description to be sad and shallow. In a good relationship the two of you grow together and that helps you to continue your partnership. I see blogging in the same way. You and I are companions on a journey that we are taking together. Sometimes we will be quite happy to be together and others less so. There will be moments where we may be bored or less interested in the stories that we are hearing. There may be times when it will be necessary for us to spend some alone time so that we can come back together refreshed and with our batteries recharged. That is ok.

As I sit here I can’t help but think of someone dear to me who I first came to know through words. In the beginning that was all we had, words. There were no pictures or in person meetings to cloud our perceptions. We had nothing but the words we used to express our thoughts and feelings. It forced us to get to know each other on a deeper level than might have happened had we met through other means.

Most of us will never meet in person. We won’t go out to eat or watch a movie together. There won’t be telephone calls in which we spend time catching up on what is happening in our lives. Instead we’ll congregate here and swap stories. That doesn’t diminish or denigrate the importance of the relationship because in some cases we will grow to care about each other. Even though we never interact outside of this cyber home we’ll come to identify and relate to each other. We’ll feel badly when the other is hurting and share words of comfort and encouragement. It also likely that we’ll celebrate a victory or two together.

So what I am saying is that I don’t see there being a problem with blogging, at least not of the sort that was described to me. If this works the way that I want it to we’ll form a community that gathers inside my cyber home. As the host it will be my job to facilitate the discussion and keep things going. I don’t mind because I like this. I need this…writing that is.

I can’t properly express how much joy I take in my chosen art form. I can’t tell you how much it helps to clarify my thoughts, feelings and ideas about life. If there is one thing that I know about blogging it is that you only last if you like it and I do. So if I have a problem with blogging it is really based upon my need for it to pay more so that it can transition from hobby into something more.

BTW, if you are new here you should know that it is not unusual for me to update this several times a day. There are no guarantees or promises that I will, but unless something changes it will be updated frequently.

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